Do What You Can

She has done what she could. 

Mark 14:8

Only days away from death, Jesus gathered with friends for one of his final meals. Unexpectedly, Mary of Bethany brought in a very costly flask of alabaster and poured it out upon Jesus. The fragrance filled the room. Immediately there were those who criticized this extravagant demonstration of adoration and worship. However Jesus defended Mary and said “she had done what she could.”

Often we are only aware of what we cannot accomplish. We can easily focus upon what others are doing and think what’s the use in doing anything at all. Yet sadly we will miss the opportunity to do what we can do. Not everyone will understand, but Jesus does. Every time we read of Mary she is always at the feet of Jesus. She understood things that even the disciples had missed.

A good exhortation and reminder for us today is to do what we can. To stop complaining about what we don’t have the opportunity to do, and instead take advantage of the opportunity we have been given. Do what you can, and don’t worry or be discouraged about what you can’t. The Lord knows your heart and He will reward you for your effort, even though others might misunderstand it.