Jesus Loves You

Mark 10:19 Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him….

The rich young ruler had many things going for him. He was in his prime physically. He was well off financially. He had a level of authority within the community. Yet he also possessed an emptiness inside that none of his accomplishments could fill. When he came to Jesus looking for answers he bowed humbly in sincerity. He shared of his personal commitment to the commandments. The only problem is that he was ruled by his riches. He served the idol of materialism. Jesus knew the condition of the young mans conflicted heart. Yet even with all of his issues the Bible says, “ Jesus looked at him and loved him.” Friend be encouraged today in knowing that Jesus loves you. He doesn’t love you because of what you can do for Him, it’s an unconditional love. He knows the condition of your heart and He doesn’t condemn you, but He will help you. He has the answers your looking for. He can fill the void in your heart today if you let Him.